Marie En Rose

Luxurious flowerwalls and event decoration


My first memory with flowers goes far back in time as i love flowers and plants from a very early age.

As a stylist I am a real perfectionist and customer satisfaction is important to us. We love to carry out and realize wishes and ideas in detail so that this becomes an unforgettable experience.

Flower walls are like art, an ode to nature. Just like as a beautifully painted flower bouquet attracts attention and creates a sense of happiness, are these creations the three-dimensional variant of this. Elegant, attractive and unforgettable.

As the interpretation is different for everyone, Marie En Rose offers the possibility to personalize all flower walls. Each flower is made and colored by hand . This gives you a unique atmosphere at your party or event, in the shop window or on the shop floor. Creating a moment to relax and enjoy by looking at something beautiful.

You can dream away with an immense color splendor ...


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